Author: Fred Magoro

How Do My Genetics Affect My Health?

It’s no secret that genetics can impact your health, but understanding the real relationship between the two is where things get complicated. Fortunately, the most important connections are easily explained. Learn more about genes and health below to maintain optimal well-being. Genes and Disease In the same way that traits such as hair and eye color are passed down from one relative to another, so can certain diseases. Fortunately, most genes we inherit from our parents are very similar. This makes it easy to determine if you may have an increased chance for a specific disease such as cancer....

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Forgotten Social Aspects of Coming Back from Addiction

Overcoming an addiction can be a very difficult and trying process. It can also be very daunting to adjust to life after an addiction. Many people will come to the realization that they have lost sight of what was once important to them before the addiction. In many cases, they will have lost contact with the positive influences in their life, such as friends and family. They may have also given up hobbies and interests that once meant a lot to them. Many aspects of an individual are often lost during a drug or alcohol addiction. Gaining back a full...

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Why Are You Waking Up Tired?

You’re going to bed earlier and sleeping in later, but you’re still waking up tired and unrested. You’ve tried herbal teas, hot milk, exercising, and other tips that are supposed to help you sleep, but nothing seems to be working. What could be the reason you’re waking up tired? Consider the following possibilities. An old or low-quality mattress If your mattress is eight or more years old, it’s likely time for a new one. Even if it’s not that old, a low-quality mattress has the same effect. The inner springs, foam, or other materials may have broken down enough...

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5 Careers in Science You Haven’t Considered

Most science jobs, including the best-known and most popular, fall into three broad categories: academic, government, and industrial. Academic positions include professors and the technicians and researchers who work for them. Government scientists are often researchers or regulators. Industrial scientists work for businesses or some non-profits.  Some science jobs, however, don’t exactly fit any of those categories. Here are five possible careers you haven’t considered. 1. Taxidermy A taxidermist preserves and mounts dead animals to display them. Many taxidermists start out as hobbyists who make displays for friends who hunt. At this level, the taxidermist doesn’t need training or...

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Life with a Chronic Illness: 3 Tips to Take Control of Your Life Again

Even though it may feel like it, having a chronic illness doesn’t have to be the end of the story. If you carefully examine your current situation when your head is clear, you’ll begin to see that. You can take back control of your life, and here’s how.   It’s Important to Have Support By keeping old relationships and forming new friendships, you’ll be better able to cope with your illness. Having someone around that cares for you (like, actually cares about you) may turn out to be your number one motivator in life. That person has the incredible...

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