Author: Fred Magoro

Are Name Brand and Generic Really the Same?

Consumers are often picky about where and how they spend their money. They want products that are simultaneously high quality, safe, effective, and priced within reason. This can seem like a contradiction; thanks to brand marketing efforts, the more expensive brands seem to be superior. Generic products are offered as a cheaper alternative to brand-name counterparts, but is the quality really the same? Medication Generic drugs are designed to be chemical replicas of the branded version, only with a lower pricetag. For some medications, the difference in price can be quite significant — especially for prescriptions. Lower-cost generic medications...

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4 Home Design Features that Improve Your Peace of Mind

Home security is always a major concern for homeowners. But you don’t necessarily want to sacrifice your home’s aesthetic appeal to make it more secure. How can you make sure that your home is both secure and beautifully designed? Here are five design features that can help improve your home’s security. Use Home Automation Programmable thermostats, light bulbs, and other appliances can all make life more convenient. But they can also make your home more secure. Smart light bulbs or automated curtains can be controlled from a smartphone while you’re away, and by putting it all on a random...

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4 Ways to Increase Your Earning Potential

Your earning potential doesn’t increase on its own, at least not at the rate in which you’d want it to increase. If you want to up your earning potential, you’ll need to take matters into your own hands. And while there are dozens of ways to make more money, not all of them are created equal. Some will take more time and energy; others will need hefty startup costs. Here are four simple ways to get a much-needed increase in your earning potential this new year: Choose a Flexible Degree What you major in is going to have a...

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5 Ways to Turn Negative Emotions Into Positive Emotions

The obstacles in your life may not be the hurdles you believe them to be. Your emotions can get locked into a negative spiral, but you can find your way out of the gloom and get back to viewing life positively. Here are five ways to adjust your negative emotions to bring the positives back into your life. 1. Avoid Overgeneralizing If that voice inside your head is telling you that you always make too many mistakes, or you never know what to say to new people, recognize your negative emotions. Remind yourself not to overgeneralize. There are plenty...

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4 Things You Need to Know About Personal Injury Claims

When you are dealing with an injury from a car crash, a work accident, or some other problem that is the fault of another person, it can be frustrating to deal with a personal injury claim. While they are not the most fun thing to deal with, there are some things you should know about personal injury claims that can make the process easier for you. Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend Insurance companies may give a great speech about how they care about their customers, but that isn’t their primary goal. While they may like you, they like...

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