Author: Fred Magoro

6 Humanitarian Careers That Actually Pay

When we think of humanitarians, we usually envision groups of people in white, combing through the rubble of an earthquake or giving water to a little child. We think of people who respond to disease outbreaks or help refugees. While humanitarian workers do all of those things, they also do so much more. Humanitarian goals include saving lives, relieving suffering, and maintaining human dignity. They do this without prejudice or bias for race, religion, orientation, or beliefs. Here are just a few of the humanitarian careers you could consider, giving you both a livelihood and the ability to help...

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How to Get Back on Your Feet Following a Divorce

A divorce can be a truly life-altering experience. In addition to dealing with the emotional impact associated with ending a relationship that you once were fully vested in, you may be dealing with only seeing your children part-time. You also may notice account balances split in half, be entirely responsible for paying your bills and have more free time on your own than you potentially have had in years. If you are trying to get back on your feet after a divorce, you need to tackle all of the financial, physical and emotional aspects of this event that may be...

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How Visiting a Chiropractor Could Change Your Life

Thousands of Americans benefit from chiropractic treatments. Yet, many who suffer from chronic pain are still skeptical of the legitimacy of the field. While your chiropractor won’t offer you medications or surgeries as your physician might, there are still many chiropractic treatments that can be life-changing for people living with severe pain. Here are some of the most significant benefits of visiting a chiropractor: Make Your Body Stronger and Faster-Healing The chiropractic field is focused primarily on maintaining and optimizing your health to help your body heal faster and resist disease. Chiropractors concentrate on your body as a whole,...

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The Benefit of Adding Essential Oils to Your Diet

When it comes to keeping in shape and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, most of us immediately go on a diet to drop pounds and to hopefully, look and feel better. The only problem with that is in the details; many so-called diets promote silly methods and ingredients. If people would get back to basics and choose wisely, they would see the huge benefits of essential oils and how they can create a healthier you. Making Oils “Essential” Think of an essential oil as the concentrated essence of a plant or botanical. There are a purity, aroma and complexity to...

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Building the Perfect Retirement Fund, Step by Step

If you are like most people, you rely on a regular paycheck to get through the month. This income is needed to pay your bills and to otherwise fund the lifestyle that you have grown accustomed to. However, there will come a time when you no longer want to work or are able to work. Funding a retirement account now is crucial if you want to be prepared for life without the steady income associated with full-time employment. Determine Your Financial Need A critical step in the retirement planning and funding process is to determine what your ultimate retirement...

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