Author: Jeffrey James

How Priorities & Goals Can Make This Your Best Year Ever

I want to encourage you all to set goals and priorities for the year. This is one of those things that is super important– even though some people put it off because they feel like it’s dumb. Or maybe they set resolutions in the past and never met them. Don’t worry if you didn’t set any resolutions in January.  This is about creating your priorities, and making this year the best one yet. What I want you to do this year is write down as many goals and priorities as you can. These can be things that you have been putting off,...

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Momentum: The Importance Of Taking Action

We are momentum based beings. When we keep moving forward, we thrive. When we stop, we stagnate. There’s a positive feedback loop when you keep taking action. As soon as you stop, that loop ends, and unfortunately we tend to focus on the last result we got (which was negative). But if you keep adapting, keep adjusting, keep learning, and keep trying– then with each incremental step you gain more confidence for the next attempt. You’ll know more, you’ll know what not to do, and you’ll have a greater chance of achieving your goal. If you think of us...

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Language Zen Entrepreneur Micah Greenberg Shares His Journey

  Last week I was fortunate enough to have a conversation with Micah Greenberg,  co-founder and CEO of Language Zen is a platform that has been proven to teach an entire semester of college Spanish in only 25 hours.  According to Micah, their approach is more effective than both Duolingo and Rosetta Stone. In addition to Language Zen, Micah has a history of making an impact through the various industries where he has worked.  Below in our interview, he shares some of what he has learned along his journey to where he is today.   You can listen to the full audio right here, or...

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What It Looks Like To Measure Your Success

It is extremely important to measure your success. It sounds obvious, but otherwise, you won’t know whether or not you have actually succeeded.  That brings up the following point: you need to make sure you specify what success looks like before you even start.  Otherwise, you could be wasting your effort going off on rabbit trails doing things that are unrelated to achieving your goal. You need to define what success looks like — what the metric is for success, and therefore, how you know when you’ve met it.   Here’s an example.  If you say that you want to...

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How to Infuse Purpose Into Every Day and Make Your Own Roadmap to Success

  I hate feeling like time is slipping by.  When I catch myself thinking, “wow, is September over already?” then I know I need to get on top of things. The question is: how, exactly? For me, the answer is simple: make a roadmap.   Charting Out Where You Want To Go Constantly living in a reactionary state is draining.  When you start each day with resignation, with a dread of what may come, that’s a terrible way to approach life. Not only does it wear on you mentally, it burns you out emotionally as well. Many people spend their workdays “putting out fires.”...

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