Author: Jeffrey James

3 Ways to Make the Most of your Commute

  There are two words that strike despair into the hearts of drivers everywhere: “commute” and “traffic”.  If you are one of the 128+ million people in the United States who commuted last year, you’ve probably had some of the following thoughts go through your mind while sitting on the road: “Yep, here’s the part of the drive where the radio gets fuzzy.” “Seriously? Another accident? You’ve gotta be kidding me.” “I swear, this radio station plays the SAME SONGS EVERY DAY.” “If I drive 45 minutes each way to work, that’s 1.5 hours a day, which is 7...

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3 Free Tools for Effective Budgeting

“Wow, it seems like we’ve been eating out a lot lately.  I wonder how much we’ve spent on food this month?” “Beats me.  We’ve probably got enough in the budget for Jerry’s birthday dinner this weekend though.  We still have to get him a present, too.” “Do you think we have enough to pay down our credit card bill like we talked about?” “Hmm, maybe not.  I haven’t checked.  What’s another month, anyways?     Does that sound like a conversation you’ve had?  Do you wonder how much money you’re spending, and where it’s all going?  Are you frustrated with...

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Ditch the Diet Soda and Drop Your Waist Size

Unfortunately, we can’t always trust advertisers to have our best interests at heart.  In order to truly stay healthy, you need to do some of your own research.  As it turns out, “diet” soda may actually be hurting you more than helping you.  Hopefully this info-graphic will make you think twice the next time you ask for a cold diet soda…   Clickable Sources for Diet Soda Research

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Never Miss an Email Again

Email is a great tool that allows us to keep in touch with friends and family, stay up to date with various newsletters, and even conduct business.  But after a while, the ol’ inbox starts to fill up — and it can be overwhelming. How do you stay on top of it all?  How do you sort out the junk from the messages you actually want to read? It may seem impossible, but the good news is there are ways to get on top of, and stay on top of, your email.  The driving principle behind each of the tips below is...

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