Author: Jeffrey James

Mistakes: How to Overcome Them Today and Come Out Stronger Tomorrow

From time to time, Life In Charge will feature guest authors that have something valuable to contribute.  Today’s post on overcoming obstacles was written by an Israeli writer named Amit. A lawyer with a B.A in Economics and a LL.B, Amit gave up his 10 year marketing career in favor of promoting his marketing and writing skills online. It’s been three and half years since, and he has never looked back.   It is normal to encounter some obstacles. Obstacles in life can either make you weak or strong; it just depends on how you handle and solve it. To...

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If You’re Serious About Living Life In Charge, You Need to Read This Book Now

  The term “life” is pretty much all-encompassing. When I talk about living “life” in charge, that covers everything from your exercise habits, to financial planning, to eating choices, to career planning, and everything in between. Many segments of your life are solitary — most people have no idea whether or not you take a fiber supplement.  They also probably don’t care. But there are a whole lot of areas in life that overlap with other people — and like it or not, you need to know how to work with them.   I just finished reading Dale Carnegie’s famous book, How...

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Take a Rest, Pace Yourself, Finish Strong

If you’re a regular reader of Life In Charge, you probably noticed that there was no weekly post for the previous two weeks. After 74 weeks of posting without a rest, I took a break.  After all, I want to make sure I am modeling a healthy work/life balance :) Many of you know that I have been working with a startup for the past year and a half, and I was able to transition to full time there as of the beginning of this month.  I quit my other day job, so now I can focus my efforts on the startup and...

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Are You Comfortable Talking About Money?

If you are afraid to talk about money, something might be wrong. You might be insecure about your financial knowledge.  Money management may seem totally foreign to you.  Maybe you’ve never had to think about it on your own before. Maybe you were taught that it’s taboo to talk about money in certain contexts, but you’ve applied that rule to all contexts. Maybe it’s time you deal with this.   You Gotta Learn About It To get comfortable talking about money, you need to start learning more about it. Talking with others to get their thoughts and opinions is a...

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Honor Memorial Day

  Today, the Monday last of May We honor those who paved the way For freedom came because they stood They bravely fought for what is good. To those succumbed to early death To those who gave their dying breath To those who served and those who died They sacrificed to give us life. Let us, the living who remain Take the mantle of those slain That their brave deaths be not in vain Let our resolve increase with pain. May we all today remember That beyond the glowing embers Lie the heroes of our nation May we honor, ne’er forget...

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