Author: Scott Mackenzie

Save Money On Every Hotel Stay

  Your hotel might look cheap at first, but it rarely works out that way. Over an extended stay, your hotel stay can be the largest single expense of any trip. Most travelers end up paying much more than for an individual flight. Saving a few dollars each night will add up, so here are five tips that often lead to lower rates.   Book Flexible or Package Rates It is tempting to book the cheapest, advance purchase rate. Don’t do this unless the difference is huge. Hotel rates change daily, sometimes even shortly before arrival. Flexible rates allow...

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Learn to Search for Cheaper Flights

Travel is an enlightening experience, introducing us to new cultures. It can also be an essential part of staying connected with friends and family. However, the high price of airfare is one of the greatest impediments to more frequent travel. Sometimes there isn’t much to be done, but these seven tips should help you search for a great deal.   Book Three Weeks in Advance   Prices are usually cheaper the earlier you book, but just how early is necessary? Booking too early can actually higher prices at times because the airline still has no idea how much demand...

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Discover the Two Tricks to Booking Award Flights

  Ever try to use your miles and find out there aren’t any flights available? Or maybe the airline wants to charge you double—even triple—the usual number of miles because the “saver” award space is all gone. I have good and bad news for you. The good news is that there is a solution, and much more award space exists than you might realize. The bad news is you need to be flexible and put some extra effort into the solution. Frequent flyer miles can deliver huge value, but if you want the ultimate in convenience, then look for...

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Create A Strategy To Take Charge Of Your Frequent Flyer Miles

  Frequent flyer programs—and most loyalty programs in general—are a game. They are created by companies to manipulate your purchasing behavior and encourage you to buy one product instead of another (or just buy more often). At the heart of most programs are three basic truths: People who redeem an award are more likely to stay committed to the program. This is why airline credit cards come with 25,000 miles for a free domestic ticket. Some awards are more valuable than others. These “aspirational awards” are things you wouldn’t ordinarily pay for, but you might be motivated to earn...

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