Author: W. A. Fulkerson

The Seven Effects Of Highly Habitual People

I know what you’re thinking. “I’m spontaneous! I don’t like routines and I don’t like the humdrum of doing exactly the same thing every day.” People talk about habits like they’re some sort of magic elixir for success, but you know better, don’t you? Just feeling it out as you go is the way to be, isn’t it? Right? Wrong. I understand, believe me I do. I’m a pretty spontaneous guy too. I’m the sort of person who likes to chime in when I hear a passing stranger’s comment, jump in the ocean fully clothed, or pack it all...

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Motivation: How to Accomplish Things When No One is Making You

  As a writer, I get asked some variation of this question all the time.  “How do you get things done?”  It’s a reasonable question.  All of us have, to some degree, time that we are completely in control of, and we generally have things we’d like to accomplish during that time.  Then the ugly demon of procrastination sneaks in.  Time flies, as they say (Tempus fugit, for our Roman readers out there) and the day goes by without any sort of productivity taking place. How can we combat this unpleasant phenomenon? I’m a firm believer that in order...

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